Building Orca Camp

In just a few days we’ll be heading to the Johnstone Strait – the whales are back and we will be too, to set up camp on the shores of Warden Beach, one of the best places in the world to see Orcas in the wild.

Warden Beach

Warden Beach at the mouth of Robson Bight Ecological Reserve – the closest base camp to the Orca’s traditional feeding grounds.

Warden Beach – A Magical Setting

Our guests often describe our location at the entrance to Robson Bight Ecological Reserve as magical and we have to agree. We’ve got 1,000 feet of pristine shoreline, in the shadow of an old-growth rainforest. A burbling creek runs adjacent to our camp providing us with all the fresh water we need. The rainforest, where our sleeping tents are set up, wraps around the beach, hugging the shoreline, and our Beach Café perches above it all, providing expansive views to all the action on the water.

Warden Beach

The view from the cliffs above our beach – our camp kitchen is tucked just out of view, above the kayaks

Fresh water source feeds the creek running adjacent to our camp

Orca Camp Sunrise 16-9

The magic of sunrise on the Johnstone Strait

Robson Bight – Orca Feeding Grounds

The mouth of Robson Bight is right next door, so we get a front row seat to watch Orcas coming in and out of their traditional feeding grounds. We’re lucky – our base camp is the closest to this marine preserve, and we’ve spent countless hours over the years watching Orcas put on a show right at our doorstep.

Orca Show

Sometimes we feel they’re putting on a show just for us!


Orcas heading to the rubbing beaches on the other side of our camp.

 It Takes a Village

Well, almost a village to get Orca Camp set up. Each year we reconstruct our camp kitchen, setting up prep and cooking stations, cold storage, the fresh water station, and picnic tables we position to maximize the views.

Once the kitchen is set up we take to the sleeping area – we inspect all of our wooden tent platforms and rebuild where time and the elements have taken their toll. Tents get erected, sleeping pads unfurled, waiting for the arrival of our first guests.

tent in old growth rainforest

It’s easy to get a good night’s sleep here in the quiet of the rainforest

Then, we hit the beach – cleaning up deadfall and other treasures that have floated onto our shores over the winter, making room for the kayaks and paddles.


Kayaks lined up one after the other…soon to be filled with happy campers

These are long days, but at the end of each one, we sit by the fire and listen to the sound of the ocean, knowing that we’ll soon be sharing this magical place with this season’s guests. Once we’re back we’ll share some behind-the-scenes photos of the gang getting camp organized this year.

Want to Come? There’s Still Space

Why not? We still have a few slots open for this season – if you’d like to experience the magic of Orca Camp for yourself call, or book on-line – we promise, it’ll be an adventure you’ll long remember.



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June 27, 2014