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Whale Wild – a Love Letter

(You may have seen this before over on our Facebook page, but we thought it worth sharing again in this space, for those who don’t follow our social sites)
We are so fortunate that budding documentary film-maker and poet, Robyn Thomas, joins us at Orca Camp in summer. As passionate about Orcas as they come, Robyn has guided with us for the last three years in between studying and film-making. We always knew she loved this place we play in…we had …

40 Years of Orca Camp

All these years after we first dipped our paddles into the secluded coves of north Vancouver Island, we are on the cusp of celebrating a milestone no other can top: 40 years of adventures; 40 years of Orca Camp.

That’s 40 years of memorable moments shared with thousands of guests (families, friends and entire clans) we’ve kayaked with over the years. That’s countless opportunities for people to connect over something as simple as unplugging from their busy lives to watch Orcas …

Kayaking with Killer Whales and Waiting to Exhale

It’s been a glorious few days at Orca Camp since our last Field Report. Despite a weather forecast that called for rain, we’ve had beautiful, warm days, and star-filled nights, eclipsed by breathtaking vistas and painted skies, courtesy of Mother Nature.
Mother nature paints the sky at sunsetMother nature paints the sky at sunset
We’ve welcomed guests from as far away as Switzerland …

Kayak with Killer Whales – Our First Field Report of the 2015 Season

Wow, this is a busy time of year for us at Orca Camp! Camp is set up, the kayaks got loaded onto a water taxi for delivery to base camp, new staff have arrived and been trained, a new shower house has been built (more on that later) and we’ve finished up with our first two groups of the season. Whew!
Kayaks arrive

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  • Do I Need Kayaking Experience to Enjoy Orca Camp?

     sunshine paddle2 Johnstone Strait
    The short answer is: No. Non. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch.
    Kayak at Orca Camp – No Experience Needed
    Adventure-seekers of all ages and abilities join us each summer at Orca Camp  – no experience is required. It’s the second most asked question we get and we’re happy to tell you, everyone is welcome at Orca Camp – beginners and …

    Ecosummer’s Contribution to the Cetacean Sighting Network

    Did you know one of the jobs of our guides at Orca Camp is to help log cetacean sightings to the Vancouver Aquarium and Department of Fisheries & Ocean’s Wild Whale program?
    Cetacean Sighting Log
    Each time we see whales, dolphins and other marine life we make note of the date, the species, their location, behaviour and other observations to help researchers understand the status …

    Kayaking with Killer Whales – A Not-so-Ordinary Family-Friendly Vacation

    If you’re yearning for a not-so-ordinary, family-friendly vacation, forget theme parks and waterslide resorts, think outside the box and inside a kayak, where whale-watching and wilderness adventures rule the day. Enroll in Orca Camp  our guided two, three, or five-night family kayaking and camping adventure – you’ll be creating warm summer memories for your kids that will last them (and you) a lifetime (plus, there’s whales!).
    A kayaker's view of an Orca in ... 

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  • Time in Nature at Orca Camp – it’s What the Doctor Ordered

    More and more as we live in our hyper-connected world we’re losing touch with the natural world around us. So much so, that Canadian doctors have recently started prescribing “get out in nature” to their patients.
    Spend any time outdoors and you’ll immediately begin reaping the benefits: increased creativity, reduced stress, better sleep and cognitive function. It’s true: time spent exploring in …

    The Only Mobile Device You’ll Need

    On an Orca Camp Holiday, this is the only mobile device you’ll need:
    Actually, that’s not entirely true…you also need some paddles. But once you’re kitted out, well, that’s when the magic of Orca Camp really unfolds.
    paddling back to camp, the sun high up

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  • Dinner’s On!

    Spot prawn season just opened in BC’s coastal waters – for six to eight short weeks each spring and early summer you can dine on this local BC delicacy – we like ours prepared simply: bathed in butter and sautéed in garlic – mmm-mmm good! Is there really anything better? We don’t think so!
    Spot prawn season got us thinking about the meals we share around the campfire or at Orca Camp’s Beach Café.
    Beach Cafe

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