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When is the best time to Kayak with Killer Whales?

It’s one of the most frequently asked questions we get about Orca Camp: when is the best time to go kayaking to see Killer Whales? The short answer is this: if you join us at Orca Camp on North Vancouver Island anytime between July and September, chances are you’ll be kayaking with Killer Whales. Here’s why:
Kayaking with Killer Whales moves you in ways you seldom imagineKayaking with Killer Whales moves you in ways you …

The Ultimate Orca Encounter

We’ve been guiding Orca Camp for 40 years now and in all that time, we’ve never had an encounter quite like the one we had on a warm summer day last August.
kayaking BC's Johnstone Strait in the heart of Orca territory
How Orcas see in the Water
Our group had been out paddling all morning when they noticed a pod of Killer …

Whale Wild – a Love Letter

(You may have seen this before over on our Facebook page, but we thought it worth sharing again in this space, for those who don’t follow our social sites)
We are so fortunate that budding documentary film-maker and poet, Robyn Thomas, joins us at Orca Camp in summer. As passionate about Orcas as they come, Robyn has guided with us for the last three years in between studying and film-making. We always knew she loved this place we play in…we had …

40 Years of Orca Camp

All these years after we first dipped our paddles into the secluded coves of north Vancouver Island, we are on the cusp of celebrating a milestone no other can top: 40 years of adventures; 40 years of Orca Camp.

That’s 40 years of memorable moments shared with thousands of guests (families, friends and entire clans) we’ve kayaked with over the years. That’s countless opportunities for people to connect over something as simple as unplugging from their busy lives to watch Orcas …

Dreams of Kayaking with Killer Whales

“My forgotten dream of an Orca swimming under my kayak came true!!”
Up Close with OrcasMesmerized, a guest sits in silent wonder watching a pod of Orcas swim past her kayak.
Those words, written in a TripAdvisor review by a recent visitor to Orca Camp gave us shivers when we read them. It’s not every day you can take credit for …

Kayaking with Killer Whales – Right out of the Swiss Family Robinson

Have you ever wondered what our guests have to say about Orca Camp? Wonder no more…This week’s Field Report comes courtesy of Marsha K., a first-time visitor to Orca Camp – but we suspect, a new-found friend we’ll happily welcome back again. The following is an excerpt published with permission, from Marsha’s online review of Orca Camp:
Into the Wilderness
Just returned …

Kayaking with Killer Whales and Waiting to Exhale

It’s been a glorious few days at Orca Camp since our last Field Report. Despite a weather forecast that called for rain, we’ve had beautiful, warm days, and star-filled nights, eclipsed by breathtaking vistas and painted skies, courtesy of Mother Nature.
Mother nature paints the sky at sunsetMother nature paints the sky at sunset
We’ve welcomed guests from as far away as Switzerland …

Field Report # 2 – The Right Place at the Right Time to see Killer Whales in the Wild

Have you ever had the feeling you’re in the right place at the right time? That moment when all the stars seem to align and you’ve got a front row seat to one of the best shows on earth?
Right place right time
No matter how long we’ve been paddling these waters, seeing Orcas approach never gets old. For last …

Do I Need Kayaking Experience to Enjoy Orca Camp?

 sunshine paddle2 Johnstone Strait
The short answer is: No. Non. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch.
Kayak at Orca Camp – No Experience Needed
Adventure-seekers of all ages and abilities join us each summer at Orca Camp  – no experience is required. It’s the second most asked question we get and we’re happy to tell you, everyone is welcome at Orca Camp – beginners and …

What are the Odds We’ll see Killer Whales on a Kayak Vacation in BC?

Orcas Kajak2
It’s our most frequently asked question: “What are the odds I’ll see Killer Whales if I come to Orca Camp?”
The answer, quite simply, is: it depends – anything other than that is pure hyperbole.
The first thing we remind people considering coming to Orca Camp is that this is a wildlife viewing experience – emphasis on wild. We don’t operate a marine …