The Only Mobile Device You’ll Need

On an Orca Camp Holiday, this is the only mobile device you’ll need:


Actually, that’s not entirely true…you also need some paddles. But once you’re kitted out, well, that’s when the magic of Orca Camp really unfolds.

paddling back to camp, the sun high up

One thing we know how to do really well at Orca Camp is to completely disconnect from our gadgets. We encourage our guests to leave their cell phones behind and enjoy their adventure by the sea without any outside distractions. After all, it’s hard to notice the distinct blow of a Humpback, or the smooth leap of an Orca if you’re constantly looking for a cell signal!

orcas and kayaks5

Of course our guides have all the communication gear needed to ensure a safe experience for our guests – but…given how connected we all are these days, it always takes our guests a little while before they realize the benefits of going without their phones, even for a few days.

It doesn’t happen all at once…but slowly, over time. Shoulders relax, time moves at a more leisurely pace, and days are measured in Orca sightings and magical sunsets on the beach.

parked kayaks - and people overlooking JS

With no “real world” distractions, our guests are free to enjoy the wonders of the Johnstone Strait, forging new friendships with their fellow campers, sharing stories around the breakfast table, or at night around the campfire.


Without email to check or texts to return they’re free to simply stop and drink in the moment, always keeping their eyes peeled for telltale signs of whales. No one has ever left Orca Camp wishing they could email from the beach.

Why not give it a try this summer? Take the Orca Camp challenge and come, unplug with us on a guided 2, 3 and 5 night Orca Camp adventure. There may not be any WIFI at Orca Camp, but we promise you, there are fewer places you can find a better connection.


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June 5, 2014