More Vancouver Island Tours

See and Do Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island isn’t so much a place you see, as much as it’s a place you do. Hike ancient rainforest trails. Experience the living traditions of the coastal First Nation. Watch the sun set from the western-most part of the country. Kayak with Orcas, the gentle giants of the deep. Explore the Johnstone Strait. Have an epic adventure hiking the West Coast Trail. Combine Orca Camp with an extended vacation and discover BC's urban treasures only found in Vancouver. Embrace your wild side on our West Coast Wildlife Safari. Escape the hustle and bustle of your everyday world and maintain island time – where days move more slowly, in sync with the tides, and the adventures you experience are limited only by your imagination.

Kayak with Killer Whales at Orca Camp - A Bucket-List Experience

Set your compass in the opposite direction to North-eastern Vancouver Island to uncover the world’s greatest concentration of Killer Whales residing in the Johnstone Strait. Raw, rugged and remote, kayaking here, amongst the Orcas is a bucket-list experience for those who want to appreciate whales in their natural habitat, without feeding times, or fences.

Go Wild on a Guided Wilderness Adventure

Discover a land of giants, some over 800 years old. Explore lush, ancient forests and fragile eco systems, one step at a time. Hike alpine meadows awash in a rainbow of colour with no one else in sight. Don a wetsuit and snorkel, and swim a gentle, yet untamed river alongside spawning salmon. Paddle your own kayak in the realm of Orcas, in one of the best place to whale watch in all of BC. Absorb the stories of British Columbia one natural adventure at a time.

Expeditions to the Edge on the West Coast Trail

Point your compass to southwest Vancouver Island and discover the coastal rainforest and wind blown cliffs of the rugged West Coast Trail. Trekkers from around the world make the WCT their quest expedition, for its epic 75-km route on the western edge of Canada.

Canada's West Coast Wildlife Safari

Discover the places where the wild animals are on our West Coast Wildlife Safari. Our multi-destination tour has you kayaking with Killer and Humpback whales, watching Grizzly Bears fishing for salmon, then paddling the west coast of Vancouver Island with otters and sea lions on a wild and rugged wildlife safari.