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Do I Need Kayaking Experience to Enjoy Orca Camp?

 sunshine paddle2 Johnstone Strait
The short answer is: No. Non. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch.
Kayak at Orca Camp – No Experience Needed
Adventure-seekers of all ages and abilities join us each summer at Orca Camp  – no experience is required. It’s the second most asked question we get and we’re happy to tell you, everyone is welcome at Orca Camp – beginners …

What are the Odds We’ll see Killer Whales on a Kayak Vacation in BC?

Orcas Kajak2
It’s our most frequently asked question: “What are the odds I’ll see Killer Whales if I come to Orca Camp?”
The answer, quite simply, is: it depends – anything other than that is pure hyperbole.
The first thing we remind people considering coming to Orca Camp is that this is a wildlife viewing experience – emphasis on wild. We don’t operate a …