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“Foggest” at Orca Camp

It’s hard to believe our kayaking season is coming to a close. Only two more departures before we bid adieu to this marvelous place we are privileged to play in each summer for 40 years now. True to form, the last few weeks have offered us some stellar days, and more than our fair share of low-clinging cloud — which is why around these parts August is affectionately known by our guides as “Foggest”.
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  • Dining Out in the Wild

    “We don’t eat this well at home,” So said one of our recent guests after returning from a 4-day Orca Camp kayaking with whales adventure.
    Here's what's on the menu for dinner at Orca CampHere’s what’s on the menu for dinner at Orca Camp
    We figure if you’re going to spend your days paddling the Johnstone Strait …