Explore the majestic Johnstone Strait by kayak. Immerse yourself in the beauty of our kayak Basecamp, nestled within one of the last remaining old-growth forests on the border of the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve.



Embark on an unforgettable journey along the rugged and majestic West Coast Trail in British Columbia with Ecosummer Expeditions. Known for its wild beauty, challenging terrain, and pristine coastline, this iconic trail offers a thrilling adventure for outdoor enthusiasts and hikers seeking an unparalleled wilderness experience.

Discover the West Coast Trail

 The West Coast Trail is a 75-kilometer stretch of pristine wilderness that winds its way along the southwestern coast of Vancouver Island. With its stunning vistas, towering forests, rocky headlands, and hidden beaches, the trail promises a unique blend of natural beauty and physical challenge.

Expert Guidance and Unmatched Insights: When you choose Ecosummer Expeditions as your guides, you're not just embarking on a hike; you're immersing yourself in an educational and transformative journey. Our experienced guides are intimately familiar with the trail's history, ecology, and Indigenous heritage, ensuring you gain a deeper understanding of the land you traverse.

Unforgettable Highlights: From navigating suspension bridges and scaling ladders to crossing creeks and discovering hidden waterfalls, each step along the West Coast Trail presents a new adventure. Witness the dramatic interplay of ocean and forest, explore tidal pools teeming with marine life, and bask in the awe-inspiring beauty of the rugged coastline.

Comfort and Camaraderie: Ecosummer Expeditions ensures your comfort and safety throughout the journey. Our guides provide gourmet campfire-cooked meals, set up camp in stunning locations, and foster a sense of camaraderie among fellow hikers. Share stories under starlit skies and forge lasting connections with nature and each other.

Book Your West Coast Trail Experience

Are you ready to embrace the challenge, beauty, and serenity of the West Coast Trail? Join Ecosummer Expeditions for an expertly guided adventure that promises to be a journey of a lifetime. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or new to long-distance trails, our team is dedicated to providing an experience that leaves you inspired and transformed.

Conquer the West Coast Trail with Ecosummer Expeditions and discover the raw, unspoiled beauty of British Columbia's coastline. Immerse yourself in a journey that tests your limits, reconnects you with nature, and creates memories that will forever shape your perspective on the wilderness.

Book your guided West Coast Trail experience today  and embark on an expedition that will challenge, inspire, and transform you.