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Oh, the holidays! One glance at the calendar tells you they’re approaching faster than an Orca chasing Chinook Salmon. Indeed, once we turn the page on today’s calendar, the holidays are less than three weeks away (and counting). If you’re still stymied about great gift ideas, may we suggest you give the give of a great experience this year?

Recent studies  find that people derive more happiness from experiential gifts

(vacations, theatre tickets, dining out) than they do material ones. If science says it’s a good idea, who are we to argue? We say go with the experiences. It just so happens, we have a favourite to recommend:

Go Kayaking with Whales at Orca Camp

It’s called Orca Camp for a very good reason. Picture the wild coast of northeast Vancouver Island, a mystical rain forest that creeps to the very edge of the ocean. Beside it, the world’s only protected Killer Whale sanctuary. Civilization is something you’ve left well behind when you boarded the water taxi. This is the base camp of a soft adventure kayaking vacation with the ocean’s apex predators, and where you can experience seeing and photographing the legendary Black Fish, right from the waterline.

Positioning for the perfect shot of passing Orcas

Orca Camp runs from mid-July to early September — the peak months you can experience Northern Resident Killer Whales in their territorial waters, following their favourite meal (Chinook Salmon) and socializing with their pod at our rubbing beaches. The 3-day Orca Camp gives families, couples and solo travellers a solid glimpse into the realm of Killer Whales, but for a more immersive experience you’ll want to book the 4 or 6-day adventures to maximize time out on the water.

Believe us when we say, no one ever forgets their first encounter with Killer Whales, Humpback Whales or the other marine mammals who call these waters home. Indeed, seeing these creatures roaming free is a privileged opportunity to be awed and inspired by Mother Nature.

Experience the thrill of paddling with whales

All-Inclusive Vacation Package Makes Trip Planning Easy

Everything is included when you book an Orca Camp vacation — we get you to our wild, remote base camp via water-taxi, fill you up with hearty, gourmet campfire meals, teach you to kayak and have your accommodations (private tents, clean sleeping bags and pillows) set up before you ever get step foot on or craggy, pebbled beach. This experience is a combination of back country camping and the more indulgent aspects of glamping — removed from civilization, but with guides to make sure you’re well fed, safe, and having a great time.

The heart-racing moment when an Orca emerges from the depths

Did we mention there are whales?

Moments that live on forever in our client’s memories

Easy to Wrap Gift

Reserve your space now for Orca Camp 2017 — and finalize your booking before December 31 to qualify for our early booking bonus. Not sure you want to put a whale under the tree? Ask about our gift certificates — they make wrapping your gift as simple as sliding it in an envelope!