At Orca Camp — Experience Life in the Slow Lane

Do you ever wish you could just slow down time? Modern life takes so darn much of our attention, what with 24-hour news cycle and the blurred lines that exist between home and work, where you’re expected to be available no matter what time your email chimes. Add in the harried pace of life of parents, shuttling kids from school to after-school activities, well…it’s no wonder we all yearn for a restful vacation! That’s what makes Orca Camp such an awesome vacation experience — after all, it’s hard to stay revved up, when you’re travelling at the speed of a kayak (or even slower)!

Kayakers heading out from our base camp, keeping an eye on the horizon

Kayakers heading out from our base camp, keeping an eye on the horizon

Feel Your Pulse Slow Down

You can’t help but feel your pulse slow down when you spend so much time staring out at the water. Whether we’re in kayaks or strolling along quiet, craggy beaches, we are always searching for signs of Orca and Humpback activity — either slick dorsal fins slicing Johnstone Strait’s glimmering blue waters, or the tell-tale slap of a fluke-up dive as a Humpback slips beneath the surface. Deadlines and endless to-do lists seem to just melt away at the coast, leaving you plenty of time and space to contemplate life, grounded firmly in the present.

Where Nature Puts on a Show

Sunset is especially magical here, and without electronic gadgets; no TV or computers to tune into here, we live-stream sunset – a different show every night. It’s hard not to be calmed by simply watching the sky morph from bright blue into shades of gold and purple, when calm waters become even more still. The lush rainforest, alive with the sound of chirping birds and rustling leaves in the daytime, begins to quiet and a stillness takes over Orca Camp until all you can hear is the crackling of our beachside bonfire and the lapping of the ocean along the pebbled beach.

Orca Camp guest watches an Orca whale on the horizon, while waiting for sunset

Orca Camp guest watches an Orca whale on the horizon, while waiting for sunset

Just Breathe…

Some people forget the ocean is a living, breathing place – home to countless sea creatures — the ones we can observe, and the ones that live beneath the surface. When darkness falls you hear the rush of the tide creeping up the rocky beach, lapping the blown down logs, you’re reminded just how alive the ocean really is — especially when the salmon are running, or jumping actually, leaping into the air and then landing, plunk, plunk, plunk back into the briny deep! If you listen carefully, you might even hear the sigh of Humpbacks as they linger overnight in our protective cove; their rhythmic inhalations drifting you to sleep.

Take a Minute

Are you ready to take a minute? Or at least 3-days to get unplugged and experience British Columbia’s raw, ruggedness coast? It’s as easy as heading on over to our book now page to sign-up for your own whale, and water-watching odyssey. For a limited time we are offering discounts on our 3, 4 and 6-day Orca Camp sea kayaking trips; whether you’re travelling solo, adventuring with a partner, or bringing the whole clan along, we have an Orca Camp departure for you.

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April 19, 2016