Explore the majestic Johnstone Strait by kayak. Immerse yourself in the beauty of our kayak Basecamp, nestled within one of the last remaining old-growth forests on the border of the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve.



Rob Watson

Conquer the Untamed: Guided West Coast Trail Experience with Ecosummer

Embark on an unforgettable journey along the rugged and majestic West Coast Trail in British Columbia with Ecosummer Expeditions. Known for its wild beauty, challenging terrain, and pristine coastline, this iconic trail offers a thrilling adventure for outdoor enthusiasts and hikers seeking an unparalleled wilderness experience. Discover the West Coast Trail   The West Coast Trail is a 75-kilometer stretch of pristine wilderness that winds its way along the southwestern coast of...

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Coastal Camping: A Tranquil Escape in Telegraph Cove

Picture this: a secluded beach, the gentle sound of waves, a crackling campfire, and the starlit sky above. Coastal camping is an integral part of the Ecosummer Expeditions kayaking experience in Telegraph Cove. Join us to savor the tranquility and connection with nature that only camping on the shores of Vancouver Island can offer. Campfire Conversations   After a day of kayaking and exploration, unwind with fellow adventurers around a warm campfire. Share stories, enjoy...

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Exploring Telegraph Cove's Hidden Gems: Scenic Routes and Wildlife Encounters

Telegraph Cove, with its breathtaking landscapes and diverse marine life, offers kayakers a paradise of exploration. Ecosummer Expeditions is your guide to uncovering the hidden gems of this stunning destination, where each kayaking route holds the promise of awe-inspiring views and unforgettable wildlife encounters. Navigating the Beauty Embark on a kayaking journey that takes you through tranquil waters, sheltered coves, and picturesque shorelines. Our guided tours lead you to...

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