Do I Need Kayaking Experience to Enjoy Orca Camp?

 sunshine paddle2 Johnstone Strait

The short answer is: No. Non. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

Kayak at Orca Camp – No Experience Needed

Adventure-seekers of all ages and abilities join us each summer at Orca Camp  – no experience is required. It’s the second most asked question we get and we’re happy to tell you, everyone is welcome at Orca Camp – beginners and seasoned paddlers alike. You don’t even need to know how to lift a paddle. We’ll teach you the basics during our orientation to safe sea-kayaking the first afternoon, and then, throughout your stay, help you refine your technique so that you’re gliding along the surface of the water with ease.

kayak orientation on beach

Morning on the Johnstone Strait

Early morning is one of our favourite times at Orca Camp. We tend to keep to the shoreline first thing in the morning, paddling in what remains of the quiet fog that often creeps in silently overnight.

taking pics out of kayak in JS

After a couple of hours we’ll take a rest on a deserted, pebbled beach.


Afternoon at Orca Camp

Can you beat eating a buffet lunch presented on a grand cedar log? We sure don’t think so! And that’s only part of the fun you’ll get into in the afternoons at Orca Camp. Comb deserted beaches, explore tidal pools, contemplate life in the slow lane, then get set to paddle for a couple more hours exploring the coves and coastline of the Johnstone Strait, always keeping a watchful eye out for signs of mammals – Humpbacks, Orcas and various species of Dolphin.


Stretch Your Boundaries

Something magical happens to people at Orca Camp; transformative things. Restorative things. Stretching your boundaries is part of that experience, learning new skills, connecting with others, and communing in nature are all part of it too. Fresh, ocean air, wholesome food, and days spent kayaking with Orcas have a way of mysteriously transforming a group of 10 strangers into an intimate group of new-found friends, all in the course of a few short days.

Select Orca Camp Departures Still Available

Why not join us at Orca Camp this summer? We still have availability over select dates throughout July and August. Find departure dates on-line, or Email our office to make your reservation today.

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April 29, 2015