Kayak with Killer Whales – Our First Field Report of the 2015 Season

Wow, this is a busy time of year for us at Orca Camp! Camp is set up, the kayaks got loaded onto a water taxi for delivery to base camp, new staff have arrived and been trained, a new shower house has been built (more on that later) and we’ve finished up with our first two groups of the season. Whew!

Kayaks arrive

As busy as it is, though, it’s what we dream of all winter long: returning to the Johnstone Strait, eating, drinking, and sleeping outdoors (well, in a tent, actually), and welcoming visitors to this place. There is simply nothing better.

Water Taxi Arrival

We’ve had a mixed bag of weather these first two trips. Scorching hot and sunny, for most of the first trip, then overcast and drizzling on the second. But, we’re precariously close to a province-wide drought, so while it may be a bit uncomfortable, the rain is a welcome sight.


While the Northern Resident Killer Whales had yet to sound in, the Humpbacks were here in droves. We could sit and listen to their blows for hours…Sometimes, (although not on these first two trips) the Humpbacks overnight in the protected cove of our Base Camp. Imagine falling asleep to the rhythmic breathing of humpback whales!


We can often smell and hear the bark of sea lions before we catch sight of them. None-the-less, it’s still an exciting sight to see (and hear) as they haul out together atop the rocks, nudging and barking at each other, vying for top position.

Haul Out of Sea Lions

This ruggedly Canadian coastline never fails to inspire and we’re just as excited to get out on the water as our guests are. A paddling clinic by our guides ensures everyone is comfortable before heading out on the water.


Kayaking over kelp

And when we tired of paddling, we gave our legs a workout hiking to Eagle Eye, the whale research station directly across the Strait from our Base Camp.


Watching wildlife, paddling our kayaks, hiking rainforest trails long travelled by game and then by First Nations people, exploring the sweetness of life on the coast where we’re unplugged, yet fully connected. That is the stuff that a good life is made of. We’re eternally grateful for each one of those days we get to share with our guests.

Waiting for sunset

Two trips are done…so many more to go. We have some limited availability on select departures in August. If you’re inspired to join us, email us to book your reservation.

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July 13, 2015