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Playing Peek-a-boo with an Apex Predator - Kayaking with Orcas

We almost hate to use the phrase apex predator when referring to BC’s Northern Resident Killer Whales, but, it’s an apt description — these animals are the top of the food chain, which is why so many folks arrive at Orca Camp just a little bit jittery at the prospect of  kayaking with whales in Orca waters. They need not be. Even if we see no wildlife the views from here are inspired Understanding Killer Whale Culture Our kayak guides take great care in helping...

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Put the Gift of a Kayaking Experience Under the Tree This Christmas

Oh, the holidays! One glance at the calendar tells you they’re approaching faster than an Orca chasing Chinook Salmon. Indeed, once we turn the page on today’s calendar, the holidays are less than three weeks away (and counting). If you’re still stymied about great gift ideas, may we suggest you give the give of a great experience this year? Recent studies  find that people derive more happiness from experiential gifts (vacations, theatre tickets, dining out) than...

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Our Guests say it Best - Kayaking with Whales

Imagine you’ve just spent a week with perfect strangers kayaking with whales on Vancouver Island . You’ve entrusted your entire vacation, or at least a good portion of it, to these people, whom you’ve never met before, hoping to have a good time. You love being outdoors. You want to learn to kayak, or at the very least, want to spend your vacation exploring the coast from the seat of a kayak. You find inspiration in the wilderness and you marvel at the sight of massive...

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