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Field Report # 2 – The Right Place at the Right Time to see Killer Whales in the Wild

Have you ever had the feeling you’re in the right place at the right time? That moment when all the stars seem to align and you’ve got a front row seat to one of the best shows on earth?
Right place right time
No matter how long we’ve been paddling these waters, seeing Orcas approach never gets old. For last …

Rest, Relax, Read…There’s More Than Kayaking with Killer Whales at Orca Camp

Who doesn’t love diving into a good book on vacation? It’s one of our favourite things to do during those quiet moments at Orca Camp – before and after paddling, while sitting around the campfire, or tucked into our tents late at night, where the words on the page are illuminated by the light of our Petzels on our heads. With nothing but the night sounds of the rainforest and waves crashing on shore, a good book and a cozy …

Find New Connections Kayaking with Killer Whales

We spend a lot of time here on the blog, and over on our Facebook page talking about connections and community – two concepts that remain at the heart of what we do here at Orca Camp.
Friendships Bloom when Kayaking with Orcas on Vancouver Island
We love bringing together a diverse group of strangers, teaching them how to paddle, showing them the …

It was just another day at Orca Camp (until this happened)

The haunting call of a distant foghorn roused us out of our tents yesterday. Stumbling, sleepy-eyed onto the beach we looked out over the water, hoping to see those familiar flukes and fins we’ve been so mesmerized by all season long…instead, we saw only a thick blanket of fog beyond the shoreline, swaddling the Johnstone Strait in a dream-like mist as far as we could see. When morning breaks like this, you can’t help but lean into the day, slowly…starting …