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What are the Odds We’ll see Killer Whales on a Kayak Vacation in BC?

Orcas Kajak2
It’s our most frequently asked question: “What are the odds I’ll see Killer Whales if I come to Orca Camp?”
The answer, quite simply, is: it depends – anything other than that is pure hyperbole.
The first thing we remind people considering coming to Orca Camp is that this is a wildlife viewing experience – emphasis on wild. We don’t operate a …

Where’s the Best Place to see Killer Whales in the Wild?

Killer Whales, the largest of all cetaceans, are found in all the world’s oceans from the tropics to the polar regions, but did you know the lick of ocean between the northeast coast of Vancouver Island and the western coast of British Columbia’s mainland is one of the best places in the world to see Killer Whales in the wild?
It’s true.
That lick of ocean is the Johnstone Strait, and our Orca Camp is right smack dab in the middle of …