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Safe Marine Mammal Viewing Guidelines

Spring has literally sprung here in British Columbia. The days are getting longer. The cherry blossoms are bursting. The weather is warming up. Which means for us, the water is beckoning. We are itching to get back out there, kayaking the pristine coast of Vancouver Island.
kayaking BC's Johnstone Strait in the heart of Orca territory
Reminder to Be Whale Wise
We may …

The Ultimate Orca Encounter

We’ve been guiding Orca Camp for 40 years now and in all that time, we’ve never had an encounter quite like the one we had on a warm summer day last August.
kayaking BC's Johnstone Strait in the heart of Orca territory
How Orcas see in the Water
Our group had been out paddling all morning when they noticed a pod of …

Ecosummer’s Contribution to the Cetacean Sighting Network

Did you know one of the jobs of our guides at Orca Camp is to help log cetacean sightings to the Vancouver Aquarium and Department of Fisheries & Ocean’s Wild Whale program?
Cetacean Sighting Log
Each time we see whales, dolphins and other marine life we make note of the date, the species, their location, behaviour and other observations to help researchers understand the …

Spring on the Johnstone Strait

Spring has sprung over here on the Island – oh sure, you can see evidence of spring all over British Columbia – cherry blossoms have put on their usual show causing us to oohhh and ahhh and marvel at every glimpse of their feathery loveliness. Daffodils are smiling their sunny faces in gardens everywhere, and tulips – oh tulips, another true harbinger of spring – pop their pretty pink, ruby red and yellow heads up everywhere.
But…out here on the Johnstone …

No Experience Required

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following post comes to us from one of our recent guests to Orca Camp – a novice at adventure travel she was inspired to sign-up for Orca Camp, then worried she wouldn’t have what it takes to really enjoy the experience. Here’s her story:
Fighting Butterflies
Remember the first day of your very first job…back when you had little or no experience at all? …