Wildlife Wednesday

(Darren Robinson)

Wildlife Wednesday is a popular day on our Facebook page – where we post images captured by our guests and guides at Orca Camp, on the West Coast Trail and soon, on our new West Coast Whales and Wilderness Tour.

Spotting animals in the wild is a privileged and exhilarating experience – each, and every, time you spy them…Humpbacks, Orcas, sea lions, eagles – there are no scheduled performances or feeding times on our guided tours! Which is why we get so tickled when we capture a great shot of these gorgeous animals in their natural habitat. It’s also why we’re curating those images here, and on our social media sites. Take a look at some of our favourite images…

The open mouth of a mighty humpback as it surfaces from the deep, collecting thousands and thousands of herring as it breaks through the water.


(Klaus Gretzmacher)

Fishing of a different sort – this happy sea lion was spied fishing in the nets of local fisherman – gorging on an all-he-could-eat buffet of pink salmon. Right before the net closed around him, the sea lion slipped over the lip and swam away…full belly and all.


(Klaus Gretzmacher)

And still MORE fishing! Click on the photo for a larger look at this eagle’s eye…mesmerizing.

eagle 2

(Klaus Gretzmacher)

Can you imagine being surrounded by Orcas? This guy was and he loved it!

(Reiner Harsher)

Why exactly do Humpbacks breech? We may never know for sure, but we like to think they’re leaping for joy.


(Klaus Gretzmacher)

Sometimes the wildlife makes us pause to drink it all in…from sunrise to magical sunsets.

Sunset with Borders

And sometimes the wildlife is quite refined…as in this serenade by the seaside while waiting for fog to retreat.

(Darren Robinson)

(Darren Robinson)

What kind of wildlife would you hope to see on an Ecosummer adventure? Tell us in the comments box below.





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March 19, 2014