Go Wild Wilderness Adventure

Lush Forests

Go Wild

Go wild. Discover a land of giants, some over 800 years old. Explore lush, ancient forests and fragile eco systems, one step at a time. Hike alpine meadows awash in a rainbow of colour with no one else in sight. Don a wetsuit and snorkel, and swim a gentle, yet untamed river alongside spawning salmon. Absorb the stories of British Columbia one natural adventure at a time. Paddle your own kayak in the realm of Orcas, in one of the best place to whale watch in all of BC. Awaken to the song of the Humpback whale. Fall asleep beneath the hushed canopy of a temperate rainforest.

A Vacation Unlike Any Other

Tune in to the rhythm of the mountains and the ocean on a BC vacation that’s unlike any other. Escape the hubbub of your everyday world, combining hiking inland Vancouver Island with ocean kayaking amongst killer whales on a guided, seven-day odyssey of outdoor adventure.

Restore Life’s Equilibrium on an Expedition of Discovery

Expert guides, in tune with the natural wonders of BC lead an expedition of discovery to hike the mountains surrounding Campbell River and kayak the secluded inlets and tranquil bays of the Johnstone Strait, where Orcas, Humpbacks, porpoises, dolphins, and resident sea lions play in their natural environment without feeding times, or fences.
Restore life’s equilibrium from beneath the canopy of a rainforest or from the seat of a kayak on an Ecosummer Expedition – where mild adventures often become wild adventures.