West Coast Trail

Walk along beaches

Experience Life on the Edge – The West Coast Trail

Embark on an epic journey of the soul. Challenge yourself to a wilderness hike where few have gone before. Trek beneath the canopy of an old growth forest of trees so tall, they’re almost impossible to comprehend. Drift off to sleep on a broad, sandy beach, the song of the ocean filling your ears. Explore tidal pools, mysterious rock formations, and spectacular waterfalls. Cross suspension bridges over gaping gorges in a pristine wilderness you once only dreamed of. Discover the legendary allure of hiking Canada’s West Coast Trail, experiencing life on the edge few others get to witness.

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Canadian Signature ExperienceEcosummer West Coast Trail is a
Canadian Signature Experience!

Destination Canada has created the Canadian Signature Experiences collection – a collection of once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences found only in Canada.

We’re happy to annouce that our guided West Coast Trail hike is a newly minted Canadian Signature Experience.


The Hike of a Lifetime

There are some places still left in this world that only the most intrepid travelers will ever experience. British Columbia’s West Coast Trail is one of them. Its coastal rainforest and windswept beaches hold countless stories – of ancient trading routes for local First Nations, of shipwrecks and sailors, and the Graveyard of the Pacific. Constructed as a lifeline for those who dared sail beyond the reefs and breakers of Vancouver Island’s southern coast, today, the West Coast Trail is considered the hike of a lifetime – a bucket-list experience.

Lots of different terrain

Expert Guides Lead One of the Last Great Adventures

No average walk in the park, completing the West Coast Trail is a heroic journey of discovery. Trek 75 kilometers from start to finish, through an untamed and animated coast, and temperate, inland rainforest, where new adventures meets every sunrise. Hiking the trail is a journey best undertaken with an expert at your side.

Only a few will experience one of the world’s last, great adventures, on our seven day/six night guided expedition. Count yourself among them and the stories you’ll tell on your return will rival the memories you’ve made along the way.



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