Time in Nature at Orca Camp – it’s What the Doctor Ordered


More and more as we live in our hyper-connected world we’re losing touch with the natural world around us. So much so, that Canadian doctors have recently started prescribing “get out in nature” to their patients.

Spend any time outdoors and you’ll immediately begin reaping the benefits: increased creativity, reduced stress, better sleep and cognitive function. It’s true: time spent exploring in nature boosts your overall happiness and sense of well-being.

Hiking the West Coast Trail is Good for you

Hiking Tidal Pools

We’ve always known this to be true – the very nature of the West Coat Trail requires creative and keen problem solving skills, but we hadn’t thought about the science behind it.  Science Daily reports on a University of Utah study that shows a group of backpackers scored 50 per cent better on a creativity test after spending four days in nature disconnected from electronic devices. The same held true for their problem solving skills.

Kayak with Orcas to Paddle to Your Happy Place

Kayakers paddling the Johnstone Strait with Ecosummer Expeditions

The David Suzuki Foundation conducted a 30 day study of 10,000 Canadians who spent at least 30 minutes outside every day. In addition to reducing their screen time on average of 4.5 hours a day, research subjects reported that:

  • they had an increased sense of well-being
  • time in nature gave them more energy
  • feelings of stress and negativity were reduced
  • they had fewer sleep disturbances
  • they felt more productive at work
  • and they felt happier overall

It’s funny, even on days we don’t encounter Orcas on our kayak tours, our guests come back to base camp reporting that they’ve had a great day out on the water.

Meditate While Kayaking with Whales


Paddling in sync with your kayaking partner not only makes you travel faster, it also takes on its own rhythm, putting you in a bit of a zen state of mind. We’ve heard it time and again, that even though they’re paddling, our guests feel totally chill and relaxed. Sort of like an on the water meditation.

Coincidentally, researchers from the University of Edinburgh studied brain function of participants wearing EEG devices who were sent out to wander through a variety of settings: urban, commercial and green-space. Those that wandered through natural green space were found to have brain waves similar to those produced when in meditation.

Follow Doctor’s Orders this Summer

There’s still time to plan an amazing summer get-away and reap the restorative benefits of time spent playing out in nature. We have space available on our August 29 West Coast Trail hike and some good availability at Orca Camp throughout July and on select departures in August. If you’re really craving down time to disconnect and get away from it all, why not sign up for our new tour: Canada’s West Coast Wildlife Safari where you’ll spend nine glorious days kayaking with Orcas, searching out Grizzly bears and kayaking the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Call, or email us to book your time out in nature today!

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February 4, 2015