40 Years of Orca Camp

All these years after we first dipped our paddles into the secluded coves of north Vancouver Island, we are on the cusp of celebrating a milestone no other can top: 40 years of adventures; 40 years of Orca Camp.


That’s 40 years of memorable moments shared with thousands of guests (families, friends and entire clans) we’ve kayaked with over the years. That’s countless opportunities for people to connect over something as simple as unplugging from their busy lives to watch Orcas from the seat of their kayaks. That’s more magical photographs than we could ever count. And even more squeals of delight when our guests see their first dorsal fin gliding past them.

Dorsal Fin and kayak nose

All our guides will tell you, some of their most favourite experiences have happened at Orca Camp, but one encounter in particular left Lead Guide, Jacqui forever in awe of Orcas.

“One time, we were out kayaking about one kilometre out (from base camp) on the water. The male was out from the shore, like they often are and the female was close to shore,” recalls Jacqui.  “The whales disappeared. They went down for a long time and we thought they must have gone deep, heading to Robson Bight. It was very hot and mesmerizingly calm and quiet on the water that day, so when the male surfaced not more than two metres behind the father and son kayak and let out an explosive exhale, we were shocked and totally taken by surprise!”

It’s those intimate encounters with whales that make kayaking the Johnstone Strait so tantalizing and memorable.

“The Orca surfaced among us once again, so close we could see his eyes and the water cascading off his huge dorsal fin. It was an incredibly moving moment – the young boy was crying with excitement and his father was exclaiming ‘this is exactly what I wished for!’”


Orca's dorsal fin slicing the water near Ecosummer's Orca Camp

We have many more stories, just as incredible as Jacqui’s….and they all seem to start with, “One time, we were out…”

Why not come out yourself next summer? Bring the whole family along, or give an awesome Christmas gift to your favourite adventure seekers – we even have gift certificates that will fit under any tree or in any stocking!

Ecosummer Orca Camp Gift Certificate

Call or email us for details.

Keep an eye out on this space and over on Facebook for #Ecosummer40 events unfolding throughout 2016…new tours, new experiences, contests and more.

Time sure flies when you’re having fun! Here’s to the next 40 years!




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December 10, 2015