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It’s hard to believe our kayaking season is coming to a close. Only two more departures before we bid adieu to this marvelous place we are privileged to play in each summer for 40 years now. True to form, the last few weeks have offered us some stellar days, and more than our fair share of low-clinging cloud — which is why around these parts August is affectionately known by our guides as “Foggest”.

Tandem kayakers paddle through a bank of fog

Socked in!

When cool air passes over the warmer waters of Johnstone Strait and the moist rainforest of northeast Vancouver Island, a blanket of fog forms, silently creeping its way along the coast, creating whimsical and dramatic vistas in every direction. The mists usually settle in overnight, shrouding the early mornings in silence. When the fog rolls in, everything seems to be hushed, quiet. As our assistant guide, and lead photographer Jordan says, “Foggy days are some of the best days on the Johnstone Strait.”

Assistant guide, and lead photographer, Jordan, paddling through the mist

We tend to slow things down a bit when we wake up to foggy days. No sense hurrying to get out on the water, when we’re deeply socked in. Instead, we fire up the stove, put on the tea and coffee and go about prepping breakfast and lunch. The fog usually starts to dissipate as the sun gets higher in the sky — and as soon as it’s safe to do so, we head out. You may think that the fog means fewer wildlife sightings, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

Lone Orca surfaces amidst a veil of fog

Low clinging fog mingles with the exhalations of Orcas close to shore

A haul out of sea lions waiting for the sun to shine

Jordan’s right. These lingering days of summer, though getting shorter by the day, are some of our favourites. Afterall, when the fog lifts and the sun warms our spirits and our bodies, it really doesn’t get much better than this!

Foggy mornings give way to sun-splashed afternoons