Dining Out in the Wild

“We don’t eat this well at home,” So said one of our recent guests after returning from a 4-day Orca Camp kayaking with whales adventure.

Here's what's on the menu for dinner at Orca Camp

Here’s what’s on the menu for dinner at Orca Camp

We figure if you’re going to spend your days paddling the Johnstone Strait then you should be well fueled up before you go and when you get back. Our kayak guides are not only exceptional kayaking guides, but they all take great pride in being very adept wilderness chefs as well.

Fuel up for Days on the Water

Didn’t your mother always tell you, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? Well, according to Men’s Fitness magazine we burn about 205 calories per hour of kayaking. When the wind is up, that number climbs even higher. We paddle each morning for two to three hours at a stretch, which means we want our guests to be fuelled up and full when we hit the water. For breakfast we serve up a different menu each morning; one day will be fried eggs, bacon and sausage with hashbrowns and plenty of toast (good carbs to stock your energy resources). Other days it’s a variety of granola, cereals, fresh fruit, yoghurt, and of course, lots of fresh brewed campfire coffee. Still other days it’s hearty pancakes and French toast with bacon and pure Canadian maple syrup. Are you salivating yet?

Cropped and Blurred Eggs SunnySide Up

The most important meal of the day…

Who Doesn’t Love a Summer Picnic?

We sure do! Especially when it takes place on a desert island beach on a warm summer’s day. After we’ve been out on the water a while we like to haul in to shore to picnic on the beach. We pack in and pack out all our supplies in our kayaks, so lunch will always be a cold meal, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be absolutely delish! Consider a cedar log buffet set out with a charcuterie — sliced cold meats, an assortment of cheeses, and a selection of fresh vegetables. We bring along sweet treats too, like cookies and fresh fruit, Nanaimo bars and such. Crusty rolls, whole wheat bread, tortillas are packed in for those who wish to build their own sandwiches and wraps.

Mother nature makes the best buffets - a picnic lunch spread out on a blown down cedar log

Mother nature makes the best buffets – a picnic lunch spread out on a blown down cedar log

In Between Meal Snacks

If your mom was anything like ours, she didn’t condone in between meal snacks. But, what can we say, we work up an appetite paddling each day, so we tend to pull over every couple of hours to indulge in some treats, just to keep our energy stores tanked up. Camera gear isn’t the only thing we bring in our drybags — we also bring an assortment of snacks: energy bars, granola bars, chocolate, to name just a few!

Ring the Dinner Bell, Something Sure Smells Goooooooood!

How many ways can we cook salmon? Honestly, we’ve lost count! But our evening meal repetoire isn’t limited only to seafood! Our guides outdo themselves each year coming up with new, innovative recipes to wow our guests. Chicken and vegetable skewers, marinated grilled steaks, Indonesian stir-fry, Pasta, with garlic and fresh shrimp. Mmmm-mmm… We always tell our guests to save room for dessert, because, just because we’re tucked away at Base Camp far removed from civilization doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the finer things in life. Like campfire cake, or a peach cobbler baked in the embers of our beach bonfire.

Diverse menus make you forget you're so far from civilization!

Diverse menus make you forget you’re so far from civilization!

Special Dietary Needs

Lactose intolerant? Allergic to shellfish? Gluten-intolerant? Following a vegetarian regime? Don’t worry, we’re pretty sure there isn’t a food sensitivity that we haven’t heard about, or we cannot accommodate. With some advance warning (like at the time you send us your completed medical form prior to camp) we can accommodate just about any dietary restrictions and plan our menus accordingly.

All this writing has us hungry! Who’s ready for lunch?


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August 5, 2016