Dinner’s On!

Spot prawn season just opened in BC’s coastal waters – for six to eight short weeks each spring and early summer you can dine on this local BC delicacy – we like ours prepared simply: bathed in butter and sautéed in garlic – mmm-mmm good! Is there really anything better? We don’t think so!

Spot prawn season got us thinking about the meals we share around the campfire or at Orca Camp’s Beach Café.

Beach Cafe

Real Food, Made by Real People

Each guide has their own specialties, the things they best love to prepare for our guests, but one thing you can count on: fresh food, prepared in our beach-side kitchen or over the campfire. No MREs (dehydrated meals ready to eat) here; only wholesome, hearty fare to fuel your days on the water. Salmon cooked over an open flame, a shrimp or chicken stir-fry, we can even do pasta in the wild!



It’s amazing the things you can learn about each other gathered around a picnic table overlooking the pebbled beach, while keeping an eye on the horizon searching for signs of Orcas. The first night at Orca Camp always starts out a bit quiet, but once dinner is down on the table and you’re passing stir-fried shrimp, fresh vegetables, and steaming bowls of rice to each other, the conversation become more engaged. “Where are you from?,” “Have you been to BC before?,” “What brought you to Orca Camp?” Second helpings always seem to go as fast as the sun sinking below the horizon when people begin to relax into the rhythm of the evening.

Around the Campfire

Dinner around the picnic tables is one thing, but our favourite time is after dishes have been done and we’ve gathered around the campfire. With a crackling blaze keeping us warm we watch the sun make its rapid descent over the horizon. A glass of wine in our hands we often rate the sunset calling out, “That was a 10,” or “I’d give that an 8.5 for colour!”. If the sea lions are fishing in front of our camp, we’ll judge their performance too.


When the sun has retired for the night a calm quiet envelops the camp – the perfect time to tuck into campfire cobbler, baked in a cast-iron pot right on the fire’s coals. Piping hot when it’s served, it tastes just like home.

Campfire Cobbler

 It’s amazing the sensory memories you can awaken with just the thought of one meal. Sign up for Orca Camp this summer – you’ll see what we mean.

 Ken Campfire


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May 14, 2014